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Welcome to ATiMS™

ATiMS™ gives for partners, managers, founders, and shareholders of flight schools unparalleled control over their business. ATiMS™ doesn’t simply manage training, it manages your entire aviation training business.

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Aviation Training Intelligent Management System

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A new way to deliver greater value to customers, clients, owners, founders and shareholders.

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ATiMS™ stands for Aviation Training Intelligent Management System. As the name suggests ATiMS™ is a highly intelligent platform that allows proprietors, owners, founders, and shareholders to manage an aviation training business with a high leverage and complete software.

This highly intelligent platform allows you to manage students and trainer acquisition. Providing impressive business management tools, to include accounting tools. Unique Learning content creation publishing tools. Providing ground in flight scheduling capabilities to include dispatching. Resource management platform, for managing all the resources including aircrafts, other equipment and facilities. Artificial intelligence (AI) enable fuel management system for fuel consumption predictions, to enable tremendous cost savings in operations. Airline partnership integration tools, that allows you the proprietor or manager to smoothly and seamlessly integrate with your airline partners for better cross business collaborations. Highly intelligent data collection framework to allow for smarter platform as you use it. All these features and functionality’s our custom designed to mold and blend with your existing business model.

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Reduction In Operating Costs
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Increased Operating Efficiencies
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Increased Profitability
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Greater Operational Efficiencies

With our superior tools in our technology you will be able to incresed your operational deficiencies by 35-40%

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Increased Profitability

Through various proprietary tools, technologies and strategies, we allow you increased profitability by 10-15% while simultaneously reducing costs by 20-25%

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Created Uniquely For You

Our software and service solutions are uniquely formulated to fit your unique business model and strategic advantages. It essence celebrating those advantages In essence celebrating those advantages, getting you out of the bitter competitions with your rivals.

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Customer-centric Growth

Through various tools such as mobile adaptability and scalable solutions, you're able to grow your customer base sustainably throughout bad and good times.

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Lower Operating Costs

Using your own preparatory solution from our company reduce your operation by 20-25%

Increase Performance

With ATiMS™ your school will but performance for operational efficiencies by 35-40%

Increase Profitability

Through various proprietary solutions and strategic tools ATiMS™ allow you to boost your profit margins by 10-15%

Increased Competitive Advantage

ATiMS™ is built to fit your unique business model, and therefore allow you to accelerate the unique competitive advantage with your business

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We have made training with us even easier by offering a mobile application to allow our pilots to train more flexibility.

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